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About Us

About Us is a platform where Architects, Civil engineers, Interior Designers and Marketing Professionals from different locations has joined hands to provide cost effective architectural solution online. Apart from this team take care of quality of house plans. The team is led by experienced Architects & Engineers. always tries to deliver the house plans as per client’s requirement and architecture feasibility. If we get an approval of Floor plans and 3D view elevation design, then we can deliver the rest of drawings in 15 working days, keeping the quality of house plans as top priority. Our team works on latest software and technology to deliver the best house plans as per client’s requirement. We provide complete house planning and Interior Solutions offering a wide range of styles from modern and contemporary to traditional. We also provide consultancy for Farm houses, Commercial Projects, Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Restaurants, Industrial Offices, Multiplexes, Home theaters and Institutes. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work, which is based on fine design and attention to detail.

Get the best house plan

Building a home is always a dream come true. We can also say it as once in a lifetime endeavor for most of us. Therefore, the house plans has to be best as per your requirements. We at Gharplanner will assist you in this crucial decision :

  • Designing a house plan is a collective decision of family members. So, first of all note all your basic requirements of present and future which should be there in your house plan.
  • Now make a wish list of all the essentials for your new home like the style, number of stories, number of bedrooms & baths, number of assembly areas like living space, dining space, luxurious Master Bath, Master Suite etc.
  • Also, make a list for Outdoor Space utilization. Like you can have Patios, Porches & Lawns, Kids playing area, open sitting area, Placement of generators etc.
  • Make a list of basic facilities like septic tank, water storage, rain water harvesting, utility area, washing area, storage etc.
  • Make a list of add-on facilities like Gym Area, Entertainment area, hobby area, Mini bar, swimming pool, Servant room, guard room etc.
  • Take care of the climatic conditions of your area like the amenities you like to have in your house in terms of Warm & Cold Weather conditions.
  • Now choose the Architect and engineer to design your house plan as per architecture feasibilities.

Through we provide online architectural services, for designing House Plans. Our House plans based on eco-friendly, energy efficiency, Vaastu Complaints, Green House, Proper Ventilation and best suited to the environment.

Our Designing process is based on three core concepts:

  • Innovation and Ideas, in the form of optimum utilization of space and proper ventilation. Also it includes interior schemes of decoration, furnishings, lighting and other effects.
  • Cost of construction and general specification is derived from our own latest techniques and software’s.
  • Our Online Architectural Consultancy cost does not include technical site supervision. Turnkey Solution is an option if required.

Note: Technical Supervision will be charged separately, if required.
We are pleased to undertake any or all of these parts by arrangement with the client, regardless of the size of the job.


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