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Interior Consultancy

Interior Consultancy

Residential Interior Design

we are one of leading residential Interior designing and decoration service provider based in Delhi NCR. As online Interior design and architectural consultants we are responsible for the outside and inside out persona of a project we undertake to complete. First we design the architectural lay out of the place and then proceed to fill up the place with interiors that literally breathe life into the living or working space as the case may be. Each residential building has a responsibility to its environment, natural and urban, as well as its occupants. This results in a particular design solution, unique to each project. This concept permeates to its interior providing a "setting", for the different uses within. The composition of forms, use of varied materials, and the manipulations of color throughout identify the work that we undertake.

Residential Interior design includes various parameters such as:

Bathroom Interior Design
In today’s scenario Modern bathrooms are much more than the utilitarian space. It is a luxury space with all modern features and amenities. We are experienced bathroom interior designers that not only make bathrooms a place of utility but a place of luxury as well as practical. We offer bathroom interior decoration according to the space available as well as the specifications of our clients.

Bedroom Interior Design
We are a well-known name for providing Bedroom Interior Designer that are designed for complete comfort, is contemporary and will surely help you relax and unwind. Our bedroom interior design is unique and is planned after understanding the needs of our clients. With all the modern furniture, curtains and other amenities, bedrooms designed by us give a different living experience.

Dining Interior Design
We offer a unique of high contemporary style and utility in our dining room interior design. Exclusive furniture, cutlery and other decorative items makes each dining experience a memorable one. Spacious and convenient, the dining room is sure to leave and ever-lasting expression on your guests. Designed as per client's specifications, we ensure that all the requirements will be met in our designs.

Landscape Design Services
We provide landscape design services facility for our clients, where we design beautiful gardens, terraces etc. These landscapes are attractive as well as extremely enjoyable spaces of your homes. Different types of landscapes are offered by us depending on the requirement and the budget of our clients. We offer landscape design services for residential and commercial landscape design at extremely affordable prices.

Facade Exterior
We also provide landscaping facility for our clients, where we design beautiful gardens, terraces etc.. These landscapes are attractive as well as extremely enjoyable spaces of your homes. Different types of landscapes are offered by us depending on the requirement and the budget of our clients. We offer these services at extremely affordable prices.

Kitchen Interior Design
We offer convenient kitchen interior design that is both comfortable to work as well as good to look at. With all the necessary equipment, our kitchens are functional and have an innate capability to make the boring task of cooking the most enjoyable experience. We offer experienced Kitchen Interior Designer to provide contemporary, modular kitchens that meets all the specifications of our clients.

Interior Highlighting
We also highlight various spaces of homes or offices depending on the requirement of our clients. Be it a glass, a wall or any other space, we have designers as well as facilities to make them attractive and well highlighted. Deigned after understanding the requirements of our clients, we offer these services at market leading prices.

Mandir Design
We design beautiful mandirs base on the Hindu traditions, beliefs and culture. Different materials like wood, iron etc., are used, depending upon the preference of our clients. We design different types of mandirs that can be dedicated to one Lord or has many idols in it. We design spacious mandirs for the convenience of conducting rituals.

Commercial Interior Design

This may be a common question that how to achieve best interior ambiance for any commercial space whether it is corporate office interior design, restaurant interior design, caffe interior design, factory interior design, hospital interior design. We at Express design are capable enough to provide an entirely new and exclusive look to any commercial space. On can say this is our specialty and we are best on commercial interior design services. Our Commercial Interior Designers are expertise in giving life and adding persona to any commercial space, be it office, hospital, shops etc., we have smart solutions for all. We have a knack of adding décor to your commercial space that is absolutely unmatched and very useful at the same time. We specialize in services of commercial interior design, showroom interior design, office interior design etc.

Showroom Interior Design
We design well-spacious and organized showrooms, keeping the aesthetic sense and other requirements of our clients in mind. We provide design consultancy, furniture and accessories creation and interior decoration for our clients.

Workstations Interior Design
Workstations has to be comfortable to carry on day to day office work with positivity. We at Express Design’s effort are to make a comfortable staff area that is meant to deliver all the requirements meeting the worker's specific tastes and genre of work. It is designed in such a manner so as to add charm to the ambiance of the office.

Office area Interior Design
Express Design offers organized and highly sophisticated office interior design services. All the requirements that are needed in the office are well taken care of by us. Spacious cupboards to store the files and comfortable furniture are some of the vital things that we always incorporate in our interior designing.

Waiting area Interior Design
This area has to be designed in such a way that it automatically welcomes the visitors. Because this is the first interface of a person with the company takes place at the waiting area near the reception. Hence, we put extra care while to make it look exclusive for the visitors. Attractive furniture, awesome décor are some of the things that need to be noticed when the office is designed by us.

Cabin Interior Design
Director or Manger cabins have to different from the entire office workstations or working areas. Therefore we pay extra attention in designing the over view of cabins. We are known to offer some of the most exclusive office cabins. These cabins have all the comforts that are required in your personal cabin. They are very spacious with hi design furniture and side tables for conversations in the cabin. Thus making them ideal cabins to meet the specific needs of the user. We provide everything that is needed to comfort the user while at work like, a soothing ambiance, comfortable furniture etc.

Reception Interior Design
We design impressive receptions which are sure to captivate the visitors and this is well depicted in all our work. Elaborate color combinations and a unique choice of design make us stand away from the crowd of interior designers. The reception designed by us has both style, elegance and most importantly serves the purpose.

Retail Space Interior Design

It always a kind of dream to get the retail space interior design in such a way that it reflects positive energy and shoots the product or service offered. For example when someone dreams of having a shop in a shopping Mall or their own property elsewhere. The next task that becomes most desirable for them is to design and decorate their shop to make it eye-catching and attractive for the customers. When the idea of designing and decorating the shop comes in mind, then the necessity of interior design services comes into importance. We, at Express Design interior designer and decorator, provide best interior designing services that are simply unparallel. We know exactly how to design and decorate your intimate interiors. So we can provide finer interior design services for retail intimate interior design with expert and professional interior designers.

Express Design interior designers are well aware of the current trends of the market as well as equipped with brand new ideas to amaze you in the retail services. We do not compromise with perfection and quality while working on our designing strategies. So, we believe in having an expert team of interior designers who would be helping in retail services for you to create your dream shop better or provide you with new ideas of decorating your retail shop.

Being a retail interior design services provider, we provide tailor made interior designing services, tuned to the individual needs and demands. We boast of the fact that our services are the best in the market, as we have hired the best talents available, as our employees. We work as a team, and strive to provide premium quality services in the stipulated time-frame. We make our sincere most efforts in crafting your Shop, Store etc to get the maximum eye-balls.

So, whether you are the owner of any custom shop, a Confectionery Shop, a Pharmacy Store, or a General Store in the most popular shopping mall in your city or any other retail services shops that you have elsewhere, you can send your details through our website or call on given numbers.

Why Choose Express Design Consultancy for your needs?
The Retail space Interior designs are known for its creativity and quality output which makes a mundane and a dull space an interesting one. We know how to transform the showroom interiors to a bright working place for the staff and to make it beautiful to lure the customers. This is important because the space is designed keeping in mind the theme and the environment the person wants his retail space to exhibit. He then works on the layout of the place; studies it, and with his ideas tries to fix in every possibility coming to his mind. This is where we, with the team of the best interior designers come up and stand tall; with our unparalleled designs & services.

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