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Our Services

Our Services

ServicesGharPlanner is one of the leading online architecture consultant offering a diverse range of professional architecture, engineering & interior design services. Since our inception, our goal has been to offer clients in India and abroad with a comprehensive range of solutions that will help them develop their project exactly the way they envisioned it.

Professional and High Quality Services:

GharPlanner has earned a reputation for delivering services that are high quality, professional as well as economical. We understand that each project is different and therefore the kind of architecture consultancy they require has to be different at all. This is one of the main reasons why we offer tailored, customized services to each client.

Our Range of Services: GharPlanner offers a diverse range of services, as listed below:

  1. Master Planning: Our Master Planning solutions include the evaluation, planning and designing of existing and new sites. We also develop phased solutions according to the project schedule, budget and objectives.
  2. Residential & Commercial Building Design: Using the latest architecture tools and technology with our team of best architects & interior designer in the industry we create concept design, design development, schematic designs and construction documents that will ensure that the goals of the project are met.
  3. Landscape Architecture Design: we provides Landscape Architecture designs for townships, housing, parks, gardens, resorts, hotels, schools, hospitals, street ways, walkways etc. in such a manner that it should remain the natural beauty and attractively close to nature.
  4. Site Selection and Evaluation: Detailed documentation and research of every aspect related to the site such as existing site conditions, utilities, zoning, topography, structures, hazardous and geotechnical waste remediation, native plant protection, archaeological clearance, flood plains, topography and structures.
  5. Bidding Services: GharPlanner also helps clients to market their project to the prospective bidders. We understand that marketing is one of the most crucial aspects to the project’s success and our services include responding to the inquiries from bidders, preparing the bid evaluation, evaluating the bids and providing results to the clients along with award recommendations.
  6. Construction Administration: Our architecture firm also specializes in complete administration of residential and commercial construction sites to ensure that the progress is made according to the specifications and plans. Our service helps all the parties involved to ensure that the project objectives are achieved on budget and on time. (This services is restricted to limited area only).

Types of Projects: GharPlanner has a very broad and diverse experience handling projects of every type, as listed below: 

  1. Individual homes
  2. Group Housing.
  3. High-end Cottages and Villas
  4. Institutional Buildings
  5. Hotels
  6. Low Cost Housing
  7. Landscape Planning
  8. Resort Design
  9. High-Rise Apartments
  10. Energy Conservation
  11. Shopping Malls and Commercial Buildings
  12. Green Architecture

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