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Sample Drawing

Sample Drawing

Note: click here if you are looking for a picture gallery of house designs, floor plans and house plans or visit this page if you are looking for a custom house plan based on your requirements.

Constructing a house? Don't know what drawings/documents to get from the architect? We bring a comprehensive list of drawings and documents that an architect can provide. Depending upon your requirement, you can choose to get some or all of them prepared from your architect. If you are building a new house, we strongly recommend that you order the complete set of these technical drawings. Ordering the complete set offers certain advantages such as:

  • 1. This is the blueprint of your house and this itself makes it an important document.
  • 2. These would be required if any major alterations are to be carried out in the house.
  • 3. These drawings are instrumental in keeping the quality and cost under control.
  • 4. Documents like BOQ can provide a fairly close estimate of your cost of construction and can help you keep your budget under control.
  • 5. Getting these created separately, at a later point of time, is a costly affair.
  • 6. They can assist greatly in avoiding rework, thus saving time and money.

The parts of a house plan are as follows:

Final Plans
Ground Floor Plan
First Floor Plan
Terrace Floor Plan
Working Drawings
1st Floor
2nd Floor
Front Elevation
Ground Floor
Kitchen Detail
Section AA
Side Elevation
Stairs Detail
Water Slope
Structural Drawings
Column Layoutl
Foundation Plan
Marking at 2nd Floor beam
Marking at 1st Floor Marking at Ground floor
Marking Plan of Plinth Level
Reinforcement Foundation
Details at 1st Floor Beam
Details at 1st floor Slab
Details at 2nd Floor Beam
Details at 2nd floor Slab
Details at groiund floorl
Details at groiunt floor Slab
Details of Plinth Levell
Shuttering Plan of 2nd Floor Beam
Shuttering Plan of Gr.Floor Beam
Shuttering plans at 1st Floor beam
Plumbing Drawings
Plumbing Plan
Septic Tank
Toilet Location-1
Toilet Location
Electrical Drawings

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